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360 CHICAGO will close to the public at 7:00pm on Sunday, December 31st for a private event.

360 CHICAGO will close to the public at 5:00pm on Sunday, January 7th for a private event.

360 CHICAGO will close to the public at 6:00pm on Wednesday, January 17th for a private event.

360 CHICAGO will close to the public at 4:00pm on Monday, January 22nd for a private event.

Tickets are 10% off when purchased online. Please do not use hotmail email addresses when purchasing tickets.

Montparnasse 56 Group

360 CHICAGO is owned by the Montparnasse 56 Group, an organization specializing in the operation and development of tourist sites.

The Group has four outstanding tourist sites including the 56th floor and panoramic terrace of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris (France), the Berlin TV Tower (Germany), Crocodile Zoo and Nature Preserve in the south of France (La Ferme aux Crocodiles) and 360 CHICAGO. Montparnasse 56 Group is one of the leading independent operators of tourist attractions in Europe and one of the world’s only companies specializing in the management of observation decks.

More information, please visit their website or for a summary of the Group's tourist sites, please see below. 

Montparnasse 56 Group Attractions

Montparnasse Tower (Paris, France)

The Montparnasse 56 Tower ranks among the top ten most frequently visited destinations in Paris, France, with over 1.2 million visitors annually. Located on the Left Bank, Montparnasse Tower offers panoramic views of the world’s most visited city.

The Pierrelatte Crocodile Park (Rhone Valley, France)

With 300,000 visitors per year, La Ferme aux Crocodiles is a zoo and nature preserve. Boasting a tropical greenhouse of over 86,000 square feet, visitors can observe and photograph more than 400 crocodiles belonging to the rarest species, a magnificent group of giant tortoises from the Seychelles islands, and wild birds in lush tropical surroundings.

Fernsehturm / Berlin TV Tower (Berlin, Germany)

With about 1.3 million visitors each year, the Berlin TV Tower is one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Berlin, Germany. During high season, up to six thousand people per day visit the iconic tower, which features an observation deck at a height of 666 feet and a revolving restaurant.

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