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Upcoming Updates:  IF YOU WILL BE JOINING US 4th of July weekend, please anticipate up to a 45 minute wait time for entry and up to a half hour wait time to exit the floor. We will be extremely busy! Plan in advance! Thank you! TILT will be CLOSED From 9AM - 1PM on Monday, JULY 18th! 

Chicago's Thrilling NEW Feature.

360 CHICAGO is proud to present TILT – The thrilling new feature that will forever change the way visitors see Chicago.

TILT Outward 1,000 feet above The Magnificent Mile!

  • TILT is the first of its kind in the world
  • Safely holds up to 8 visitors at a time
  • Extends out and over The Magnificent Mile ® and Chicago's famous skyline
  • Offers visitors unique, downward facing views from 1,000 feet up



Special group rates are available and group reservations should be made at least 72 hours in advance by calling 312-751-3681.

875 N Michigan Avenue, 94th Floor | Open Daily 9am–11pm
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