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SUNDAY FEBRUARY 26th is the 20th Annual HUSTLE UP THE HANCOCK. The observation deck will be open, yet will experience longer than average wait times to enter and exit. Once the floor reaches capacity we will close to ALL admission to allow for shorter elevator wait times for entry and exit. Please plan in advance, we will be extremely busy on Sunday for the event! TILT will be CLOSED from open - 4PM for the event on Sunday. For guests purchasing web tickets - Please do not use Hotmail email addresses.

Tripods and Easels Welcome Weekdays in January!

Calling All Artists....

PREVIEW-7.jpgEvery weekday in January, photographers and artists are invited to bring tripods and easels, normally offered only on Mondays and Wednesdays, to 360 CHICAGO.

Artists must bring their own supplies and 360 CHICAGO will provide a folding chair and plastic for the floor beneath you.

  • Admission is $20.50 per adult; $10.25 with proof of 606 residency

Enjoy the experience and make sure to tag @360ChiViews when you share your work on social media! 

875 N Michigan Avenue, 94th Floor | Open Daily 9am–11pm
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